tea party
tea party
tea party tea party

Tea Party
Maquette for Monumental Work
Bronze, Shown in Plaster
20.5" x 32" x 19"
(When enlarged to monumental size the seated figure of Alice would be six feet tall).

A delightfully interactive work, the "Tea Party" maquette is greeted with laughter, clapping hands, and grins by adults and children.

In the sculpture, Alice sits at a table with Rabbit, Door Mouse and the Mad Hatter. The table is set for tea with a teapot and five cups and saucers (one for a visitor). Upon closer look, hidden figures and faces are revealed in the bench, table legs and under the table. There is also an elongated book designed as a bench cushion.

"The sculpture of "Tea Party" (with characters from Alice in Wonderland) invites play, encourages discussion, and is fun for children and adults. Creating sculpture that encourages children and adults to have fun while using all their senses to explore story components and share experiences is challenging and exciting. To touch is to learn and what better way to learn than through having fun!" - George Anthonisen

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