dialogue (mother with two children) dialogue (mother with two children)

Dialogue (Mother With Two Children)
Maquette for Monumental Work Edition of nine
Bronze, Shown in Plaster
29" x 20" x 20"

There is certainly a feeling of tenderness and strength in the sculpture "Dialogue". The mass of the sculpture, combined with the emotions of the work, heightens the dynamics of a closely knit family group.

"In this measured environment, an endless dialogue takes place before the viewer's eyes. The children are engaged in conversation forever being listened to by the mother. Regardless of the age or profession of the viewer, the sculpture "Dialogue" sets up a contemplative mood that stimulates remembered associations . . . a child and his/her relationship to his/her mother and siblings, a woman and her relationship to children, a man and his relationship to a wife and children, grandparents and their relationship to a family." - George Anthonisen

The modeling in "Dialogue" is intentionally detailed and rough. The mother's face, feet, and hands bring closure to the piece through detailed modeling. Detailed faces of the children -- and where their hands intertwine with their mother's -- help the viewer to complete the piece. The roughest texture is the block of material from which the figures emerge and sit. The figures themselves are modeled with accuracy, but they and their clothing are not completed in detail. Inadvertently, each viewer helps to complete the sculpture in his/her own way.

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